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Trail Maintenance

Love Riding SWFL Trails?

Wonder Who Builds and Maintains the Trails?

They are Your Volunteers !!!

The Mudcutter Volunteers donate over 2,000 hours every year to build and maintain the bike trails at CRP.

We can always use more volunteers! Any amount of time is appreciated. Our work parties are promoted through e-mail and FB events. If you would like to become a registered volunteer, please register via this link.

Log your own Volunteer hours

1. Go directly to the Lee County Parks & Rec Volunteer Portal at this link: 

(Or just do a web search for Lee County parks and Rec, go to the "volunteer services" page, then click on "VOLUNTEER PORTAL".) 

2. Enter your email address

3. Password is “Volunteer". If you change the password, you will be the only one from then on to enter your hours.  

Florida Mudcutters Tree Planting Guide

FMC Tree planting.pdf

Below is a list of Native trees approved for planting at CRP

Trees approved by County.pdf

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