In a groundbreaking effort to push mountain biking forward in the Southeast, the Florida Mudcutters, the Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) have banded together. IMBA, SORBA and the Florida Mudcuters are now working more closely than ever for the good of mountain biking and mountain bikers in the Southeast. IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutters provides combined membership to mountain bikers that live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Support the Florida Mudcutters and Join IMBA-SORBA/Mudcuters and join the mountain biking movement. Your support is critical in improving riding opportunities across the Southeast and keeping your favorite riding areas open.

As an IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutter member you will receive special regional eNews and other great benefits. Most importantly, you will help fellow mountain bikers across the Southeast avoid having to answer this unsettling question: What Would We Do Without Trails?

(Not ready to join, but still want to support the efforts of Florida Mudcutters? You can also make a donation below. 100% of the money earned by the club goes directly into the trail systems, equipment for trail maintenance and building features.)

mudcutter officers.jpg

Officers and Members


Connie Kurash-Bagans, Board Member / Club Membership Coordinator
Rob Bagans, Board Member / LCPR liaison
Joe Schwarz, Board Member / Trail Mower
Steven Mitnick, Board Member / Native Tree Overseer
Gregg Parramore, Board Member / Night ride coordinator
Missy Parramore, Board Member / Secretary / SORBA Liaison / Ladie's ride coordinator
Tim Dilley, Board Member 
Shane Kelley, Board Member / Dirt Master / Flo Rida trail coordinator
E.J. Hornick, Board Member
Dwayne Zeigler, Board Member
Stephanie Wallin, Media Super / Girl's ride coordinator
Charley Whitford, Facebook Overseer
Carol Mitnick, Club Chef



Get to know the County Employees at CRP! James Eash, Angel, Bob & Jeff works on the North side of CRP. Please get to know the employees, they are usually at the campground.