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In a groundbreaking effort to push mountain biking forward in the Southeast, the Florida Mudcutters, the Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) have banded together. IMBA, SORBA and the Florida Mudcuters are now working more closely than ever for the good of mountain biking and mountain bikers in the Southeast. IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutters provides combined membership to mountain bikers that live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Support the Florida Mudcutters and Join IMBA-SORBA/Mudcuters and join the mountain biking movement. Your support is critical in improving riding opportunities across the Southeast and keeping your favorite riding areas open. As an IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutter member you will receive special regional eNews and other great benefits. Most importantly, you will help fellow mountain bikers across the Southeast avoid having to answer this unsettling question: What Would We Do Without Trails?

Donations are always welcome

For those of you that may not want to join our club, but would like to show your appreciation for all of the hard work our volunteers do, we will put all of the donations into fun single track trails.

Get to know the County Employees at CRP

Kathy Ball, Christine Bailey, Yvonne Murry-Lewis, Bennie & Jim. Rob Moore works on the North side of CRP. Please get to know the employees, they are usually at the campground.


Connie Kurash-Bagans, Board Member / Membership Coordinator / Pepper Ranch work coordinator
Rob Bagans, Board Member / Pepper Ranch work coordinator
Joe Schwarz, Board Member / Volunteer Coordinator for CRP
Melissa Schwarz, Board Member
James Malone, Board Member
Jimmy Williams, Board Member
Steven Mitnick, Board Member
Mike Flynn, Board Member
Gregg Parramore, Board Member
Missy Parramore, Board Member
Charley Whitford, Night ride coordinator


Abe Abarbanel & family Joined Feb 2017
Alexandra Jaycox, Joined Oct 20th, 2016
Baird LeBoutillier, Joinded April 2017
Bill Quinsey & family, Joined Dec 13th, 2015
Bob Loblaw, joined May 23, 2016
Brandon Minsky, Re-Newed Oct 14th, 2016
Brian & Stephanie Wallin, Joined Dec 13th, 2015
Brian Herrick & family, Renewed May 2017
Charles & Whitney Whitford, Recurring, joined Nov 21st, 2015
Chris Kelley Joined May 2017
Christopher Thornton, Joined May 2017
Colin Carpenter Joined Oct 14, 2016
Connie Kurash & Rob Bagans, ReNewed Oct 2016 - Recurring
Craig Rotondo, ReNewed Nov 2016
Curt Girardin & family, ReNewed Sept 2017
Danette Wolfe, ReNewed Sept 2016
Daniel Fortier, Joined June 2017
Daniel Garon& family, Joined March 2017
Dave Aman, ReNewed Jan 2017
Dave Williams, Joined Jan 29 2016
David Przybyla, Joined March 2017
David Sloan, Re-Newed Nov 2017
Dennis Reffler, Joined Sept 29th 2016
Donna Boots, ReNewed Oct & Dec 2016
E. J. & Lori Hornick, ReNewed Nov 2017
Elwin Gomez, ReNewed Dec 2016
Erica Zeboor, Joined Oct 12, 2016
Eugene Quinlin & Family, ReNewed April 2017
Frank Snyder, Joined April 2017
Fred Brabander, ReNewed Nov 2016
Gabriele Adrian, ReNewed Nov 2016
Gene Curry, Joined Feb 2017
Glenn & Tree Harris, ReNewed Nov 2017
Greg & Missy Parramore, joined March 2017
Greg Alkema, Joined July 2017
Greg Pelican, Joined Nov 2016
Gregory Clark joined Nov 2017
Henry Nachtsheim, Renewed Jan 2017
James Dendy & family, joined Nov 2017
James Malone, Renewed May 2017
James Mellwig & Family, ReNewed Nov 2016
Jeanne Cuozzo, Joined Nov 2016
Jeff White & Family, ReNewed Nov 2017
Jeffrey & Joan Richards, ReNewed Nov 2016
Jeffrey Pakrosnis, Joined Feb 2017
Jeffrey Wingenroth, Joined Dec 14, 2015
Jen Pade, ReNewed July 2017
Jim Boman, Joined August 2017
Jim Wilson, Joined Dec 2016
Jimmy Williams, Joined Jan 1 2016
Joe & Melissa Schwarz, ReNewed Nov 2016
Joe Rose, ReNewed Sept 2017
Joel Kimmelman, ReNewed Oct 18th, 2016
John Galazia & family, ReNewed Feb 2017
Jose Fraga, Joined April 2017
Josh Liljedahl Joined Oct 2017
Julien Sherri, Joined Dec 2016
Justin Radley, Joined Nov 2017
Kathy Bodie, Joined May 2017
Kristopher Ouvry, ReNewed Nov 2016
Lamar Stolzfus, ReNewed Dec 2016
Lisa Cioiffi-Beert, Joined April 2017
Luke & Jennifer LaFlamme Renewed Nov 2016
Mario Ayala, ReNewed Nov 2017
Matt Reek, ReNewed Nov 2016
Matthew Guzzo, joined April 2017
Maureen Bonness, ReNewed Sept 2017
Max Press, Renewed June 2017
Meg Sapp, ReNewed Dec 2016
Michael Flynn, Renewed March 2017
Michelle Smith, Joined April 2017
Mike Bartholomew & family, renewed June 2017
Mike Liggins & Family, Renewed May 2017
Mike Martin, joined March 2017
Nedene Hennrich, Joined Jan 2017
Paddy Smith, joined Oct 18th, 2016
Pam Swails, Joined Jan 1 2016
Pat & Laura Agnew, ReNewed Oct 2016
Patrick Scheele, Joined May 2017
Pete Brunco, ReNewed Dec 2016
Peter VanDien, ReNewed Nov 2016
Phil LeBoutillier, Joined April 2017
Phil Puglisi, ReNewed Nov 2017
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Robert Reilly, ReNewed Nov 2016
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Scott Weyant, ReNewed Nov 2017
Sherri Julien, Joined Dec 2016
Stephen Durand, joined May 20, 2016
Steve & Carol Mitnic, ReNewed Dec 2016
Steve Engelman , ReNewed Nov 2016
Steven Jensen, Joined Dec 2016
Suk Rivera, ReNewed Nov 2016
Terrence McLaughlin, joined Jan 1 2016
Thomas Cosgrove, Joined Dec 2016
Tim Karlsen, Joined June 2016
Todd Keller, joined March 2017
TREK Bicycle Stores, Retailer Membership, joined Nov 27th, 2015
Troy Douglas, joined Oct 21, 2016
William Shaw, joined March 8 2016
Zane LeBoutillier, Joined April 2017