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In a groundbreaking effort to push mountain biking forward in the Southeast, the Florida Mudcutters, the Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) have banded together. IMBA, SORBA and the Florida Mudcuters are now working more closely than ever for the good of mountain biking and mountain bikers in the Southeast. IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutters provides combined membership to mountain bikers that live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Support the Florida Mudcutters and Join IMBA-SORBA/Mudcuters and join the mountain biking movement. Your support is critical in improving riding opportunities across the Southeast and keeping your favorite riding areas open. As an IMBA-SORBA/Mudcutter member you will receive special regional eNews and other great benefits. Most importantly, you will help fellow mountain bikers across the Southeast avoid having to answer this unsettling question: What Would We Do Without Trails?

Donations are always welcome

For those of you that may not want to join our club, but would like to show your appreciation for all of the hard work our volunteers do, we will put all of the donations into fun single track trails.

Get to know the County Employees at CRP

James Eash, Christine Bailey, & Rob Moore works on the North side of CRP. Please get to know the employees, they are usually at the campground. Pepper Ranch: Zak is the park ranger.


Connie Kurash-Bagans, Board Member / Membership Coordinator / Pepper Ranch work coordinator
Rob Bagans, Board Member / Pepper Ranch work coordinator
Joe Schwarz, Board Member / Volunteer Coordinator for CRP
Steven Mitnick, Board Member
Carol Mitnick, Board Member
Gregg Parramore, Board Member / Night ride coordinator
Missy Parramore, Board Member / Secretary / SORBA Liaison
Shane Kelley, Board Member
E.J. Hornick, Board Member
Lori Hornick, Board Member
Stephanie Wallin, Media Super / Girl's ride coordinator


Alexander Allen, valid unitl March 2020
Amy Greene, Valid until Feb 2020
Andres Acuna Higaki, valid until March 2020
Ashley Robbin, Valid until July 2020
Bill Quinsey Valid until Feb 2019
Brandon Frey, Valid until March 2020
Brian Laplume, Valid until July 2020
Brian Wallin, Valid until March 2020
Bruce Coleman, Valid until Feb 2020
Carol Mitnick Valid until July 2020
Charley Whitford, Valid until April 2020
Charlotte Liljedahl, valid until March 2020
Chris Hormuth, valid unitl March 2020
Colin Carpenter, Valid until April 2020
Connie Kurash Joined 2001, Auto-Renewing Membership !
Craig Rotondo Valid until May 2020
CY Chesterman, Valid until May 2020
Dale Barlitt, Valid until March 2020
Danette Wolfe, Valid until Nov 2019
Daniel Fortier Valid until August 2020
Daniel Northenscold, valid unitl Feb 2020
Dave Aman, valid until Dec 2019
Dave Vet, valid until Dec 2019
Dave Williams, Valid until Dec 2019
David Fasig, valid until March 2020
David Milne, valid until April 2019
David Przybyla, valid until March 2020
David Sloan, Valid until Dec 2019
David Worboys , Valid until Aug 2020
Dean Vaughn & family Valid until June 2020
Dennis Reffler, Valid until Dec 2019
Dwyan Zeigler, Valid until Dec 2019
E. J. & L Hornick, Valid until Dec 2019
Ed Semon, Valid until July 2020
Ed Semon, Valid until July 2020
Edward Ford, valid until Dec 2019
Emilio LeDonne, valid until March 2020
Emily Porter, joined 2019, Auto-Renewing Membership !
Eugene Quinlin Valid until Nov 2019
Frank Todino, valid until March 2020
Fred Brabander, Valid until March 2020
Glenn Harris, Valid until Jan 2020
Greg Parramore, valid until April 2020
Henry Nachtsheim, Recurring
Herb Sutter Valid until June 2020
Herb Sutter Valid until June 2020
James "Tim" Merrick, Valid until Feb 2020
James Dendy & family, Valid until Jan 2020
James Eynon, Valid until Nov 2019
Janie Carreras Valid until March 2019
Janine Carreras & Family Valid until July 2020
Jason Kit, Valid until Nov 2019
Jeff Reid, joined May 2019 Auto Renew
Jeff White & Family, Valid until Feb 2020
Jeffrey King, Valid until May 2020
Jeffrey Pakrosnis, Valid until March 2019
Jeffrey Wade, Valid until Feb 2020
Jeffrey Wingenroth,valid until April 2019
Jennifer LaFlamme Renewed Jan 2019
Jennifer LaFlamme Valid until Feb 2020
Jenny Wagnon, Valid until Feb 2020
Jeremy Coleman valid until June 2020
Jeremy Coleman valid until June 2020
Jill Roy, Valid until March 2020
Jim Morris, Joined 2018 Recurring membership
Jimmy Williams, Valid until May 2020
Joe & Mel Schwarz, Valid until Sept 2020
Joe Bonness,valid until May 2020
Joe Rose, Valid until Nov 2019
John Galazia Valid until Jan 2020
John Kellenberger valid until May 2020
John Norris, Valid until Dec2019
John Wayne, Valid until Jan 2019
Jonathan Campbell, valid until March 2020
Jose Lairet, Valid until June 2019
Joseph Levy, Joined April 2018, Recurring Membership!
Josh Liljedahl, valid until March 2020
Kelly Dee, Valid until Sept 2019
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Lainya Gaydash, Valid until Feb 2020
Lance Lenhardt Valid until July 2020
Laralei LeDonne, valid unitl March 2020
Laura Agnew, Valid until Aug 2020
Laura Gonzalez, valid until March 2020
Lori Hornick, Valid until Dec 2019
Luis Lairet Valid until May 2020
Luke LaFlamme Valid until Feb 2020
Mario Ayala, Valid until April 2020
Mary McConnell Valid until June 2020
Mary McConnell Valid until June 2020
Matt Chase, Valid until March 2020
Matt Donovan, Valid until Sept 2019
Maureen Bonness Valid until Nov 2019
Max Press, Valid until Nov 2019
Meg Sapp, valid until Feb 2020
Michael Flynn, Valid until June 2020
Michael Rigau, Valid until June 2019
Mike Bartholomew Valid until Jan 2019
Mike Bingman Valid until July 2019
Mike Martin, Valid until May 2020
Missy Parramore, Valid until April 2020
Nat Schwessinger, Valid until March 2019
Pam Swails, Valid until May 2020
Pam Swails, Valid until May 2020
Pat Agnew, Valid until Aug 2020
Peter Brown, Valid until May 2019
Peter VanDien, valid until May 2020
Phil Puglisi, Valid until Feb 2019
Phillip Todd, Valid until June 2019
R & H Flowers, Valid until Feb 2020
Rob Bagans , Joined 2000, Auto-Renewing Membership !
Rob Reilly, Valid until June 2020
Sean Boland, Valid until August 2020
Shane Kelley, Valid until Nov 2019
Shawn Sandstedt, Valid until Feb 2020
Soloane Jackson, Valid until March 2020
Stephanie Wallin Valid until March 2020
Stephen Gaydash, Valid until Feb 2020
Stephen Jensen, valid until May 2020
Steve Engelman , Valid until Feb 2020
Steven Feidler, valid through May 2020
Steven Feidler, valid through May 2020
Steven Mitnick valid until July 2020
T McLaughlin, Valid until Feb 2019
Tatiana Becerra Valid until Aug 2019
Thomas Cosgrove, Valid until April 2019
Thomas Johnson & Family , Valid until June 2020
Thor VanDiver, Valid until Nov 2019
Tim Dilley, Valid until Oct 2020
Tim Dilley, Valid until Sept 2019
Tony Greene, Valid until Feb 2020
Tyler VanKampen, Valid until Feb 2020
Whitney Whitford, Valid unitl Aparil 2020
William Deller, Valid until Aug 2020
Wpaul Haines, valid until March 2020